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Richard Dicker, Ph.D.
Owner, The Resource Group
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 Richard Dicker is a corporate psychologist and owner of The Resource Group. He specializes in applying key human behavior principles to daily leadership and business management challenges.
Richard has adapted human behavior principles into a practical, no-nonsense approach for:

·       Designing an Optimal Organizational Structure
·       Establishing Best Practices for Creating Effective Work Teams
·       Promoting Cross Team Collaboration
·       Identifying Top Candidates for Mid and Upper Level Management and Leadership Positions

He uses human behavior principles to structure, train and motivate executive and mid-level managers staff to excel in their work, improve verbal communication, and develop managers’ relationship skills to enhance productivity, increase company loyalty and commitment, and instill higher levels of trust.
He created the STAR Performer® Assessment System for pre-employment screening key staff to measure and reliably identify over sixty unique qualities that constitute employee excellence.

He has met and worked with numerous local, regional, and national firms and private foundations including: IBM, Immune Response Corporation, Denso America International, Next Proteins International, PAIRS International, Incentive Travel Incorporated and has been a Trustee at the Francis Parker School.

On A Personal Note

Being inquisitive about human behavior since childhood, I committed my professional life to understanding how our deepest behavior and inner psychology shapes and influences our perspectives, actions, decision-making and personal effectiveness.
The consulting approach I created for The Resource Group is a natural extension of who I am and what I know. The approach unfolded incrementally -- with serendipity taking me in directions I could not have anticipated. My background is both eclectic and practical. The service offerings are a good fit for business and professional people who are interested in adding another dimension of understanding and awareness to their business and professional tool kit.
My professional background includes:
·       Ph.D. in clinical psychology
·       Advanced training in analytic, systems, and behavior psychology
·       Twenty-five years experience in business consulting
·     Nine years of study and apprenticeship in the U.S. and Peru in learning and applying traditional   shamanic principles to understanding deeper levels of human behavior.
Resource Group programs and services include:
Human Resource Planning and Development
Comprehensive pre-employment assessment of over sixty workplace variables
Leadership Development Programs
360 degree performance evaluations
Leadership Enhancement
·       Using and applying traditional and non-traditional human behavior principles in business
·       Upgrading communication effectiveness for leaders and employees
·       Executive coaching
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