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   Client Industry List and Commentary

Partial List of Client Industries

  • Multinational Telecommunications
  • Premium Incentive Travel
  • Customer Retention/Direct Mail
  • Fire Protection
  • Fine Arts and Interior Décor
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • High Technology/Biotechnology

Some Client Comments

They have opened so many doors for me."

"They are not intimidating like some consultants, they are very real.

“I've learned a lot from them. They ask very good questions. Sometimes it's the questions you don't want to answer that really get at the heart of the matter.

The Unexpected Benefits of Executive Coaching

Small business owners engage in a tremendous juggling act: they have to hire the right people, lead and expand the company, and keep customers, employees, and investors satisfied. The possibility of dropping the ball in any one of these areas can cause a considerable amount of distress. Too often, an executive plagued by these kinds of concerns can react by engaging in a domineering, “Attila-the-Hun” style of management to maintain a sense of control.

When a manager is domineering it's usually because he or she believes that employees won't respond or aren't competent. Being authoritarian may get the job done, but it's not the best way to manage. It often results in poor communication between departments and a staff that feels disempowered.

Focusing on human behavior factors leads to increased effectiveness over the longer run because this approach has fewer hidden disadvantages does the domination and control managerial style.

Clients can be surprised by the tangible, positive impact executive coaching can exert on long-standing impediments to change.

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