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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching helps small business owners overcome internal barriers to clarify their vision; hire and establish stronger working relationships with star employees; by create stronger top-down and bottom-up communication.

Overcoming Uncertainty By Staying In the Present

The Resource Group employs a human behavior approach to consulting to help business owners and professional people identify and understand both overt and more hidden concerns and identify the steps necessary for improvement. Higher EQ, emotional intelligence, leads to increased productivity, profits and staff loyalty.

Focusing on human behavior has practical, tangible business results. For example, when management is more attentive to addressing the sales concerns, the sales can become be responsive to customers, and customers needs become more satisfied. With better communication, projects are completed on time and in line with goals and expectations leading to fewer errors and delays.

We help clients by asking the questions that may not be posed by others. Small business owners can unknowingly impose limits on themselves by thinking rather rigidly along well-established patterns… How much money can the company make? Should we hire additional employees? Where are the biggest risks? What if the unforeseen strikes? Although tempting, this kind thinking “in the future” takes the focus off of recognizing that what matters most are factors operating in the present.

By breaking the barriers to habitual thinking, owners are freer to explore what the organization needs now to be better equipped to succeed. Shooting from the hip is not a strategy.

One client firm, a technologically state-of-the art print and mail firm has grown from 20 to 150 employees over the past several years. Although rapid growth can be exhilarating, success can also bring a measure of stress that can constrict innovation.  The quandary can be that the more successful one becomes, the more there is to lose.

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